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Sep. 13th, 2007



This morning's email to margiecb:

I wasn't as productive yesterday as I thought I'd be. [Mr. Whirled] came home early so we walked 2.6 miles at an average pace of 3.8 MPH. Forgot to keep track of time, but based on distance/pace, I'd guess we were out about 40 minutes. Saw little munchkins at soccer practice at the park. Gave myself shin splints. But at least I got in some cardio, even if it wasn't running. My body aches today even though I've been stretching. Yet another sign that I became horrifically out of shape during August. Boo.

Sep. 11th, 2007

Hot Hot Heat

Training, 9.11.07

Today's email to margiecb:

Okay, so I headed out today. It was only 65 degrees, sunny, and breezy, so I thought it a perfect day. Well, it was still pretty fecking hot after the initial 45 seconds.

I am, again, so horribly out of shape.

My sweet new running watch, which I got in early August but had yet to use, told me I went 1.6 miles, less than half of which was running. So while I'm pretty sure I ran half a mile, it wasn't in one fell swoop. It also said I was running as fast as 8 MPH, which may explain why I get so tired so quickly. Need to keep it closer to 5.0/5.5 starting out.

I was distracted thinking of how my hail-damaged furry legs looked in my running shorts, but at least I looked better than Britney (because my stomach/back were covered).

The sweat bee stinging me on the back of my leg didn't help matters. Neither did the couple jogging along while eating ICE CREAM CONES. What? That's just bizarrely unsettling.

Back to the Y again tomorrow. Hopefully this watch works indoors as well, but I doubt it (it has a GPS transmitter thing).
Pink Shuffle

I'm back, b*tches

I didn't update all through July when I was running at the Y and forgetting all my songs by the time I drove home.

August had me working from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM every day, which isn't a great excuse, but such is life. Miraculously, I'm still within 2-3 pounds of my summertime weight, but my cardiovascular health has spiraled back around to simulate Chris Farley: The Beverly Hills Ninja years.

My old high-school pal margiecb is similarly starting from scratch and wanting to run a 5K in 4 weeks (!) While my goals aren't as lofty, I said I'd try to do her training program along with her, which is:

click for more...Collapse )

Jun. 29th, 2007



Good run yesterday for a farging change. Was able to go after work since I'm at my parents' house in Northeast Ohio where it isn't 202 degrees in the shade. No contact problems, side-stiches behaved themselves. Nice to have some new terrain to look at.

Today's running tracks:

"Move Along" -- All-American Rejects/"Bonnie Taylor Shakedown" -- Hellogoodbye. (IM: Wonder how I'd fare if "Move Along" was just on a constant loop? Perfect beat, great lyrics, 4 minutes on the dot ... this is a buffet of music Lacy from Real-World Austin despises. Waaah. There are too many dogs in this neighborhood, but I think everybody has invisible fences. )

"I Want You to Want Me" -- Cheap Trick/"You Might Think" -- The Cars (IM: I think I just realized these bands really remind me of one another. Aaaand, I just went the wrong way on this road - that's embarrassing. )

"A Praise Chorus" -- Jimmy Eat World/"All These Things That I've Done" -- The Killers(IM: I think the neighborhood women walking think I'm a trespasser. )

Jun. 26th, 2007

Hot Hot Heat


God. The fact that I had to start work at 6:15 all last week didn't help with my running goals - since it was 103 by the time I got off work, I was sunk. So I did some toning and stuff indoors. Blah.

This morning I didn't have to work until a little before 7 ... yay? And so I went out. 80 degrees and totally muggy at 6:00. Miserable. And then my contact flipped inside my eye during my first running song, forcing me to continue the rest of my journey, eye closed, tears streaming. Not a pretty picture. My right eye has been rejecting its contact for a few weeks now - sometimes it's okay, sometimes not ... and when it's not, it then proceeds to hurt for hours even after I remove said contact. Great. Mary freaking Ingalls, here I come.

So whatever ... Killers, Lavigne, DMB, James.

I'm calling the freaking Y. I never had the side-stitch problems in the afternoons, and 4:00/5:00 runs work much better with my increasingly-annoying work schedule. I can join for just 3-4 months until it gets cool again, and supposedly for like $13 I can have a "basic" membership that includes access to their indoor running track. There's no need to feel down ... get myself off the ground.

Jun. 21st, 2007

Hot Hot Heat


Forgot to update on Tuesday ... so my inner monologue has been all-but forgotten, save realizing that my tank top was on inside out. I jogged around my neighborhood, including back into the new development, where there are streets but no houses yet. It was a nice path. Open but untraveled.

This week has been hard. With my work schedule, what I've been assigned this week, if I'm not up at 5:30, I can't fit a run in AND log in to work on time (ridiculous? Yes.) And it's 90 degrees by 4:00 p.m., which I just CANNOT deal with. So I'm a little frusturated. Maybe I should join the cheapest-ass gym there is, just to have access to an indoor track/treadmill. I can't wait for fall.

Tuesday's running tracks:

"Here (In Your Arms)" -- Hellogoodbye/"My Hometown" -- Bowling for Soup./"Is it Any Wonder" -- Keane. 3 songs in a row!! Yay! All are fairly short, though.

"Los Angeles" -- Yellowcard/"Magic" -- The Cars!

Jun. 14th, 2007



Okay, these freaking stitches in my side, which are probably psychosomatic at this point, have grown tiresome. Today I tried concentrating, as the Internets say, on exhaling when my LEFT foot hit the ground. Evidently breathing heavily combined with the shock of running can weigh on the diaphragm and liver, which are on the right side, so any favoritism shown to the left can help. Any rate, that's mostly what I thought about this morning. That, and how my heavy breathing made me sound like a 700-pound shut-in.

So yeah, had the pains again - not terrible, but definitely affecting. And frustrating. I'm chalking it up to a super-late dinner last night and ... well, who knows what else. Psychosomatic, I'm telling you.

Today's running tracks:

"Dirty Little Secret" -- All-American Rejects/"Dive" -- Steven Curtis Chapman. (IM: I also think they should incorporate a "sssssh" sound at the end of the muted chorus that finishes the bridge ... "Dive" is Christian rock, and fairly monotonous at that, but I will always love it because the chorus was Mike Matheny's into-the-batting-box song at Busch so many seasons (well, 2) ago. )

"All 4 Love" -- Color Me Badd/"We Are the Normal" -- Goo Goo Dolls/Half of "Butterfly" -- Crazy Town. (IM: So there's a new VH-1 show with Chris Kirkpatrick, the non-Lachey, non-mayoral candidate guy from 98 Degrees, the Love-Hewitt ex from LFO, and Brian from COLOR ME BADD. They are attempting to form a pop supergroup. Name of the show is Mission: Man Band, maybe because they want to not be a "Boy" band anymore? They should call themselves "F*ck Lou Pearlman!" I need to expand on this for my OW blog. Also? "All 4 Love" is not as good as I remember, or maybe I'm just in excruciating pain. )

Jun. 12th, 2007

Pink Shuffle


Okay, I am back. Now I'm trying to run 2-1/2 songs, walk a 1/2 song as I close the gap farther (further? Crap.) So my "timing" won't be exact unless I bring along a stopwatch, but at least I'm running more and more. If I could go a half hour straight by the end of summer (that's September 21), I'd be absolutely thrilled.

Thursday - Sunday consisted of little sleep, too much liquor, way too much food, and subsequently an assload of toxins to slowly expel.

And I had the stitch-in-side problem again today, though not nearly as badly. I'm wondering if I drink too much water before I head out? I did try girl_about_town's suggestion and ate half a granola bar when I first woke up, giving it 10 minutes to settle while I changed, brushed teeth, and drove to the park.

In other news - I think I'm going to hit up my work for a runner's watch as my 10-year (gulp!) anniversary gift.

Today's running tracks:

"Another Nail in My Heart" -- Squeeze/"Dance Dance" -- Fall Out Boy/Half of "Ocean Avenue" -- Yellowcard. (IM: Friendly black lab. No leash. And yet doesn't run after me. "Good boy!" [I say this part out loud, probably to the irritation of his elderly-man owner. Oh well.] )

"4Ever" -- The Veronicas/"Hanging By a Moment" -- Lifehouse/Half of "Surrender" -- Cheap Trick. (IM: ACK! Big beetle (or roach?) sitting in water fountain. I always think 'Surrender' is 'Dream Police' for the first 20 seconds or so. )

Jun. 5th, 2007



Worst run ever. I hate how my body is rebelling against itself and I hate my f*cking blood-money iPod.

First three songs ("Happy Endings" -- AAR; "Chains of Love" -- Erasure; "I'm Your Man" -- George Michael) were fine. I mused on Studio 60 and the height of Illinois corn. By the fourth running song ("Oops! I Did It Again" -- Britney Spears), a mildly irritating little stitch in my side was becoming intense. I try every trick I've ever read, from deeeep breaths to pinching my upper lip. The pain quickly overtook my entire torso, forcing me to quit running, at which point I mentally spiraled into a vacuum of searingly low self worth. This pain and anguish continued for the next 1-1/2 songs. I attempt to being running again ("Just What I Needed" -- The Cars) and the pain starts up again. I haven't even eaten in 10+ hours, so I'm not sure why this is happening. In tears from my f*cking stomach turning itself inside out, I scream "F*CK!" so loudly that I hope I'm banned from the trail, and stop again.

I've been home for 15 minutes and still have a massive stitch in my side. Maybe my spleen ruptured. Whatever.

May. 30th, 2007

Pink Shuffle


Back in town, back to work. I measured my body fat today and was pleasantly surprised, even though I've dropped nary a pound since early March. Was still a paranoid android about the trail stalker today, so I ran with one ear bud out, as the police suggest. This precaution did prevent me from getting mowed down by a pair of elderly cyclists.

Today's running tracks:

"Come on Eileen" -- Dexy's Midnight Runners/"The Gift" -- Angels & Airwaves. (IM: Why do I always seem to feel better on the second song than on the first? Man, I'm sweating. And it's 6:15. )

"Santa Monica" -- Everclear/"Have a Nice Day" -- Bon Jovi. (IM: JOVI: Great hook, powerful vocals, boring overall. What does it say that I prefer Melinda Doolittle's version? )

"A Minute Without You" -- Hanson/"Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" -- Plain White T's. (IM: Massive stomach cramping - not like a stitch in my side, not like muscle fatigue. Serious rumbles, as if my pavement-pounding has stirred something up. Roughly. Meanwhile, how awesome that Fred Norris - the Stern show's resident music snob extrodinaire, was fairly impressed by Hanson's in-studio performance last week. And this Plain White T's song reminds me of the Damn Yankees' "Silence is Broken." Yeah ... me, and no one else, not even Ted Nugent. )

Total run time: 22 minutes, 58 seconds.

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